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Trusted Partnership with professional Talents 

Headquartered in Shanghai China, Andmon Electronics is committed to providing high quality products and services to meet diverse customer requirements. With the same diligent customer-oriented spirit, Andmon Electronics is dedicated to continuously designing, manufacturing, marketing, and introducing a complete line of electric fence energizer,tester, and electric fencing products to the demanding farm and security guard market.

The manufacturing plant is located in Damaiwan Industrial Park of Shanghai, and has a highly sufficient production capacity to meet customers' demand. Our R&D center is located at the same place for efficiently operation. We have solid and rich-experienced engineering teams to dedicate in product development. Andmon Electronics  guarantees reliable product development and consistent manufacturing quality, from raw materials to finished products, and deeply respects its delivery deadlines.

Andmon Electronics  is a truly remarkable company, with its personnel providing a history rich in service, innovation and growth. Andmon Electronics ' professional team is ready to start a new chapter in the global electric fence market.

Our farm electric fence systems are ideal for farms, pet enclosures, and livestock, swine and horse containment as well as for farm, garden and pond protection from predators and other wildlife. Our security electric fencing are ideal for hostital, airport, private households and military zone.

Our Electric Fencing can help you easily and cost efficiently keep animals or intruders in or out designated areas . Use it for  horses, cattles,  ,sheep, dogs and rabbits,deer, skunks and coyotes.

We offer  quality livestock fencing products at competitive prices. Our products are targeted to meet the varying needs of  the consumer! Our electric fencing system helps lots of people keep their sheep and cattle conveniently. helps more and more company successful.

Our service:

* ODM & OEM of farm electric fence energizer, tester etc.

* Qualify electric fencing system

* PCBA manufacturing